4 Biggest Mistakes Made by New Homeowners and Their Roof

For those unfamiliar with roofing, it can be difficult to make the right decisions when it comes to a roofing project of their own. What may seem like obvious answers or solutions are often detrimental in the long run, costing homeowners more time, money, and frustration than they ever imagined. Roofing mistakes will be immensely costly over time, with potential leaks destroying interiors, or unfinished projects costing more to undo and start over than they would have if they had been contracted out before the project began. Here are some of the biggest mistakes new homeowners can make when starting a roofing project of their own:

  1. Starting Off a Repair Without Consulting a Professional

It’s common for many adults to feel as if they are entirely capable of handling their own home renovations, and to a degree this is true: anyone can do carpentry work with just a little bit of practice. However, roofing is a different game, and requires extensive knowledge and experience in order to be done correctly. Many homeowners purchase a home thinking they can handle the roof repairs themselves, however this often results in miscalculations, which can not only misaddress the issue, but make it worse than it was to begin with. This is a result of projects being done by those with little to no knowledge or experience in the field, and will ultimately lead to more costly fixes in the future.

Anyone interested in doing their own roofing project should at the very least have a contractor give them an idea of the scope of the job. It could be much larger than it’s believed to be, and will often cost much less to contract out from the beginning, than be half-done and restarted by professionals.

  1. Purchasing the Wrong Materials for the Project

This covers a plethora of common mistakes made by homeowners about their roofing project, as it includes a number of major decisions that should be avoided. For example, purchasing a certain brand of shingles because they are on sale does not necessarily mean they are right for the project; if the shingles are not the correct color, size, or material, it could mean for disaster in the long run. Licensed contractors and their roofing teams are prepared with knowledge about many different types of roofs and roofing materials, and they can be trusted to purchase the right products for the job. They will also know how much to purchase, so that no money is wasted on the wrong materials, or surplus for the right materials.


Before purchasing any materials for a project, it’s important to know all of the specifications of your roof and its needs. This can be difficult without professional knowledge of roofing, and is often done more cost effectively and efficiently by a contractor, as the job will be done completed with confidence that the correct materials were used.

  1. Working with the Wrong Contracting Team

With the invention of the internet, homeowners no longer have to live in the dark about which contractors are trustworthy, and which ones should be avoided. Working with an inexperienced or unlicensed contractor could result in a poor project, that is often more costly to repair than it would have been to do with a proper contractor in the first place. It’s as easy as taking a look at a contractor’s website, and seeing what they have to offer.

Working with Exteriors Plus guarantees that you are hiring the best possible team for the job. We are the best in the field, and we’ve been at it for over 15 years. If you have questions or concerns about your roof repair, give us a call so we can start helping you with your project today.

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