November 23, 2015



Xplusconstruction gaf-certification

The standards for GAF certification are demanding. If you hire a GAF Master Elite Roofing contractor, you know for sure that your contractor:

  • Is fully licensed according to state and local regulations in the area you live or work
  • Carries adequate business and worker safety insurance to protect you while they’re on your property
  • Has an excellent reputation, as verified throughout the community by peers and customers
  • Is committed to ongoing professional education, to offer you the latest in roofing technology and techniques.

Since these points correspond with the major questions every home owner or business owner should ask prior to hiring a roofer, working with a GAF certified contractor saves you important time and money during the vetting process. Exteriors Plus Construction is a GAF Certified Company.*


A LeakFREE® Roof Certification is a formal certificate issued by a NRCIA member after s/he has performed a VisualROOF® inspection of a property following the NRCIA Inspection Protocols and has determined that the roof has met the LeakFREE® Roof Certification criteria subject to its terms and conditions.



Before most lenders will write a loan for an existing home, whether it is a re-finance or new purchase, FHA, and HUD require that the entire roof surface be certified to "find that the roof is in good condition for it's age, does not leak and has an estimated remaining useful life of over 2 years." Usually, the roof "certifier" is also required to guarantee this by providing a 2-year, no leak guarantee. If the roof leaks in this two year period, the certifier is required to fix any leak at no charge provided the leak is not the result of physical damage to the roof from whatever source.


While Appraisers and Home Inspectors often make notes about the condition of a roof when they are filling out their reports, a roof certification must be done by someone who will stand behind the certification. If the roof leaks during the period it is certified for, the person or company that made the certification is obligated to fix the leak or... HAVE the leak fixed at their expense, as stated above. Therefore, most roof certifications are done by roofing contractors as they are equipped to make any repairs. Also, a professional roofing contractor has the necessary expertise and skills needed to make sure the roof will last the required 2-years.