November 23, 2015


Is My Roof Damaged by Hail/Wind?

The information covers some of the more common types of damage to wood roofs. It shows what hail damage typically looks like, and also what other types of damage look like.

How do I Select a Roofing Contractor?

Look for an established, licensed, or bonded roofer and request references. Ask to see certificates of insurance for liability and workers compensation insurance coverage. Insist on a detailed, written estimate, showing material needed, labor charges, and approximate starting and completion dates. Contact your local Better Business Bureau to check for complaints filed against the contractor.

Did you Know?

As wood shingles/shakes age, they shrink and form gaps. They may also become brittle and offer less protection from the elements. The extent of roof shingles/shakes weathering varies, in part according to the grade of the product, slope direction and attic space ventilation. Poor attic ventilation will greatly reduce the service life of roofing shingles/shakes. Shingle/shakes facing southerly directions typically deteriorate more quickly than those on other slopes due to the more direct angle of solar radiation. During a hail storm, depending on the direction of the wind, some slopes may be more susceptible to hail damage while other slopes may have minimal or no damage.

Types of Damaged Roofs from Mother Nature:


Commonly Asked Questions:

Are all Houses in a Neighborhood Affected the Same Way?

Insurance Companies evaluate each roof individually. The number, size, and hardness of the hailstones can vary tremendously within a small locality. Velocity and direction of the wind are also factors. Other factors are roof pitch, age, and condition. 

My Wood Shingles have Spatter Marks on Them; Are they Damaged?

The “spatter” marks that you are seeing are normal after a hail storm. Your roof has darkened over time since its installation as a result of algae growth and natural weathering. When the hailstones contact the roof, the darker mark is removed, leaving a lighter colored mark. In time, these marks will fade as algae growth and natural weathering continues on your roof.

What Causes my Roof ’s Shingles/Shakes to Split and Crack?

Wood shingles/shakes split and crack naturally; it’s part of their aging process. There are many causes for this splitting; the primary reason is shrinking and swelling caused by moisture and subsequent drying.

Can Wood Roofs be Repaired?

Yes. If damage is minor, a reputable roofing contractor can remove individual roofing shingles/shakes and replace with new.

What Size Hail is Damaging to Roofing?

This depends on several variables; size, shape, hardness, density, as well as the type of roof that you have. In general, pea and marble-sized hail will not damage wood roofs in good condition.