How to Predict and Prevent Roof Collapses

In areas that experience heavy amounts of snow during the colder months, the dangerous of a roof collapse are entirely real. While two or three feet of beautiful, wet snow may look like a winter wonderland on the ground, it can mean a whole lot of trouble for your roof. For those with highly-sloped roofs, the issue is less common, as the snow has a way to easily slide off of the roof before it can cause damage, however flat roofs are in the most danger, as they collect more snow than even the most slightly-sloped roofs. For those without highly steeped roofs, it’s important to be on the lookout for signs of breakage in the event of heavy snow.exteriors_plus_construction

If it appears that a roof is in danger of collapsing, there are certain early signs that can be taken note of and addressed to avoid a roof collapse. For examples, any sections of sagging ceiling in the inside of the home can indicate an imminent collapse, as does severe leakage. Utility pipes are also an excellent indicator of any imminent collapse, as they will bend prior to the fall itself; these can be an early indicator, giving homeowners ample time to address the issue before the worst happens. If some doors or windows feel as if they are not opening or closing properly, this can also indicate that the roof is slowly beginning to sag, which can lead to a collapse if unaddressed.

Roof collapses can be prevented by removing debris from the roof prior to the colder months, as to not add to additional weight in the event of a snowstorm. In addition, removing excess amounts of snow from the roof right after it’s fallen is also an excellent way to avoid roof collapses, however this can be difficult and should be done with great care.

All roofs should receive regular maintenance year-round, and be examined by a professional. At Exteriors Plus, we are happy to offer year-round regular maintenance for your roof, so that you can make it through the winter months without fear of collapse. We’ll catch any and all issues with your roof early, so that they can be taken care of quickly and easily.

If you feel that your roof is in danger of collapsing, call Exteriors Plus today to have an expert evaluate the issue, and help point you in the right direction. We can help you stop collapses before they happen, and in the worst case scenarios, we are there to help repair your fallen roof. If you see signs of a roof collapse, contact us today to learn more about your options.

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