November 3, 2015

Concrete Countertops

Top Quality Concrete Counter-tops

Over the last decade or so, concrete counter-tops have become increasingly popular due to the fact that concrete counter-tops are incredibly easy to customize for any kitchen. While concrete counter-tops started their popularity in outdoor kitchens, residents have begun to realize the potential of concrete counter-tops in their indoor kitchens. Many people may not realize that concrete counter-tops can be just as luxurious as their granite counterparts. Exteriors Plus Construction professionals know how to create detailed edge work and mix colors to make the concrete counter-tops match any style of kitchen. 



When deciding on what kind of counter-top to go with when remodeling your kitchen, one of the most important factors to most people is the cost. Exteriors Plus Construction concrete counter-tops are professionally molded, shaped, and installed to match any size, shape, or style kitchen. Because of this, prices can vary greatly. It all depends on the square footage of your counter-top space, the grade of material, and which professional does the work.